Special Flights


Special Flights

Ballooning: festivals

Throughout the year there are various events and ballooning festivals during which many balloons gather from all over Spain and even from other countries. During these festivals you can make some balloon flights of passengers that allow you to enjoy the flight accompanied by other balloons and also see, very closely, the preparations, the tests that are held, the strategies of other teams … Ballooning during these concentrations Is a special occasion that makes the balloon ride even more special. Check dates and destinations in Always in the clouds.

Night flight in balloon

Imagine seeing dawn from the air, suspended over the landscape as the sun rises. Always in the clouds offers balloon flights taking off just before dawn, so that your trip in globosea still more special and unforgettable. Like the other balloon flights on landing we will have our aperitif, the traditional toast with cava and the diploma bag. Discover the experience of flying in balloon with the added incentive of night take off. Check dates and destinations in Always in the clouds.

High Cuisine

A unique balloon flight in the world. The executive Chef of the restaurant Villena de Segovia, awarded with a Michelin star, will cook, serve and present culinary specialties made with local seasonal products and with his unique personal style on board our globe. An exclusive, magical and unforgettable balloon flight. Check dates and destinations in Always in the clouds.

Choose your balloon flight area

He would like to fly over his town, to see from the air the landscapes he already knows, the corners where he grew up. Gathering a minimum group of 6 people can choose the area of balloon flight you want and Always in the clouds will make your dream come true. It is necessary to consult in advance so that we can study the viability of the balloon flight in each zone. Make your inquiry in Always in the clouds.

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