Balloon flights for special occasions

The private flight gives you the possibility to choose the flight date and place and enjoy the experience of traveling in balloon with the person you choose. A customized flight is perfect to enjoy this unforgettable adventure to the fullest.

There are occasions that deserve being unforgettable. If you want to share such moment with a special person, there is no better way to celebrate this occasion other than practicing such an original and spectacular activity as a balloon ride.
An engagement, anniversary, birthday, an outstanding pngt or a well-deserved treat in the beautiful heaven setting and with the right people will turn this event into an exciting adventure, in a perfect memory of the perfect occasion.
The advantage of private flights is also the intimacy that certain occasions require, the most suitable environment for this experience and the opportunity to choose the time and place for your flight (if there is no geographical limitation or restriction for the flight).
Like all balloon flights it’s performed early in the morning with the set-up and inflation of the balloon, something spectacular and worth seeing. The flight begins gently and lasts for about an hour. You will take a walk in the clouds. As there is no way to conduct the balloon, the flight is an adventure, always different and exciting. Suspended over the landscape, carried by the wind, full of emotions, and time passes…flying.
A vehicle will be following us at all times to take back to the meeting point as soon as the activity finishes. While the balloon is removed and saved, passengers enjoy a small lunch with good wine on an outdoor improvised terrace where the fate brought us. As tradition dictates, after each balloon flight we make a toast with champagne. Passengers will also receive their first flight certificate and if that was not enough to remember, they can receive a high resolution video of the flight a few days later.
We also do private flights for groups of 4-6 passengers. If you want to make a surprise, please order an indelible memory book of your private balloon flight to make somebody feel special when touching the sky. To learn more about ballooning please consult our FAQ and safety instructions pages.
Reserve your personalized pngt ticket with one year validity and choose the date and place of your balloon flight. INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS at:

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