Hot air ballooning festival: Open de Valladolid

Festivales Valladolid

Hot air ballooning festival


Once again september arrives with a must on the calendar: The Open de Aerostación of Valladolid. As every year, it takes place the same days as the festivities of San Lorenzo Virgin do. The city is full of activities and the sky is full of balloons. With this event comes and unique oportunity to fly in a balloon over Valladolid.

Siempre en las nubes takes part in this family atmosphere competition that pays tribute to Diego Criado del Rey. Pilots competing are friends that use this special events to meet up in a friendly enviroment. We offer the oportunity to participate as a passenger during the competition. Every balloon flight is spectacular, but even more in a festival. Our passengers will get an inside look in a ballooning competition.

They will be able to follow the pilot in his decision making during the competition and even throw the marker at the target. Also, flights are usually longer than normal. Balloons used for competitions are smaller than those in scheduled passenger flights, so you will be able to enjoy an exclusive flight but for a lower price. The flight goes trough the city center and between the buildings, surrounded by balloons and at a lower altitude than usual. This bring such unforgettable pictures for observers and passengers.


This is the fourteenth edition and there will be over fifteen balloons. Flights will start on friday 1 in the afternoon and end sunday morning, with a total of 4 competition flights. As every year, we will enjoy amazing views of balloons approaching the traditional target at the Pisuerga beach.

If you wish to take part as a passanger and experience from the inside this competition with Siempre en las nubes call us at 91 25 24 555 or book your flight HERE


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