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What are the differences between gas and hot air balloons?

Gas balloon and hot air balloons

Gas balloon and hot air balloons

Hot air balloons float because the air trapped inside the balloon is heated up by a burner, making it less dense than the air that surrounds it which allows to lift the weight that hangs below. To control the ascent and descent the pilot depends on the fuel carried on board and with the help of the burner, addmore heat if needed.
The length of a flight on a hot air balloon depends onthe quantity of gas that can be carried.
Gas balloons are filled with either helium or hydrogen, and carry ballast in the form of sand. Once in the air there is a balance between the power of the lifting gas and the bearing weight. During the flight the gas might be consumed by the different maneuvers needed to fly, either because the pilot releases some of the lifting gas in order to descend or because the warmer daytime temperatures heat the gas and cause it to expand. As long there is enough gas to lift the weight and enough ballast to maneuver it is possible to ascend again and continue with the flight.
Hot air balloons are open while gas balloon are closed, although they have different valves to maneuver, whenever it is necessary. Neither the fabric used to manufacture the envelope is the same nor there is need to carry burners or bottles of gas. Even though the gondolas are different, both are woven from wicker.
Even though both types function by the same principal, the techniques to fly are different for each one.

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