Trip over a World Heritage City on a balloon



When flying over Segovia in a hot air balloon you will discover a new world in every day’s world. The difference is in the perspective. Discover a new way of traveling and viewing and experimenting places you might already know. From a hot air balloons perspective the landscape is a feast for all senses. A feeling of absolute peacefulness overwhelms the traveler. The adventure is guaranteed as balloons cannot be steered. Therefore even though take off takes place from the same place every weekend your landing spot may never be the same.

Balloon flight over Segovia

Balloon flight over Segovia


Dates: We fly every day of the year as long as weather forecasts are ok, with no wind or rain. Contact us, with no obligation, if there is any doubt.

Launch Field: Launch field at Segovia, 500 meters away from old city wall. You can also check the interactive map available on this page to guide you from your mobile phone.GUIDE TO LAUNCH FIELD


Time: Always early in the morning, just after dawn, exact time changes according to season. Including night flights!

Flight duration: 1 hour approximately.

Activity duration: About 3 hours

What’s included: 1 hour (approx.) balloon flight, toast with cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and picnic on landing site. There is also a Balloon Flight Certificate ceremony in which every passenger gets a diploma. HD Video and photos of the activity included. There is also a compulsory liability insurance.

Optional Services: Pick-up service from Madrid, vegetarian menu, gift box and many others. VIEW SERVICES

Pilots: Siempre en las nubes pilots and staff are qualified professionals with abundant experience who also happen to love their job. MEET YOUR PILOTS

How should I dress? Look out! We meet very early with the passengers and Segovia may be cold at those hours even in the summer. But on the balloon we won´t be colder than on land. Outdoors clothing with coat (according to flight date) is most appropriate. Shoes should be comfortable, closed sports shoes such as tennis shoes or, even better, outdoor boots. VIEW MORE

FAQS: It is perfectly normal to have a thousand questions. Feel free to write or call us and we´ll gladly clear your doubts. VIEW MORE FAQS



Flying on a balloon in Segovia is a great experience. Take off is a very smooth, no-scare moment, even people who usually have vertigo enjoy the full experience. You may not even notice take off has taken place. There may be other balloons surrounding you as the sun rises over Segovia. The setting is amazing. The Cathedral is right there, you will feel its top part is almost at your fingertips. The Aqueduct acquires new dimensions from the sky. The Alcazar is a fairy tale castle and Segovia itself is an unforgettable show when viewed from the calmness of the balcony that is the balloon basket.

Others temptations

The flight continues over Segovia’s surroundings and a great variety of wildlife can be observed, such as foxes and roebucks but above all birds: griffon vultures, kestrels, buzzards, kites and with a bit of luck golden eagles or peregrine falcons.

Landing is one of the most fun parts of the activity. During approach we can enjoy the landscape from a bird’s eye view. But the activity doesn’t end after landing. Flying a balloon is more than just a simple flight, there’s a traditions that goes with it no matter where in the world you fly on a hot air balloon. After the flight the balloon gets packed away and passengers and crew enjoy a toast with cava. Being in the middle of the countryside, with Segovia struck with the first sun rays and drinking cold cava is almost like living a dream. Moreover, every passenger receives a hot air balloon flight certificate.

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