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Frecuent question about ballooning

Since when do you fly in a balloon? Why do the balloons of the balloons continue to be made of wicker? Why do you have to get up so early to fly? Why do not you suffer from vertigo when taking a balloon ride? Do you know what physical principle makes a balloon fly? For these and many other questions you will find answers in our FAQS section. If you have any other questions write to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Frequently asked questions about balloons.

History of ballooning

Just over 200 years ago the man managed to rise to the ground for the first time. It was the year 1783 and that achievement was made thanks to a hot air balloon. Since then many aspects of the flight have changed and others have remained the same, maintaining the same romanticism and adventure flavor. Learn more about the history of ballooning from its origins to current records. The ballooning.

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