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Ticket and gift box

caja_regalo_globoIf you present a balloon flight you can be sure to offer a unique and unforgettable gift, an experience that will live forever in the memory. Siempre en las nubes offers its passengers the possibility of receiving a personalized ticket which can be booked online or through phone reservations 91 25 24555. We can put the name of the person who will fly and a sentence (maximum 80 characters) on the ticket to make it suitable for any occasion. The ticket can be received automatically at all our online bookings or can be ordered by phone at any time.
Those who wish may also receive the ticket in a gift box to make this original present even more attractive and elegant. This gift format will make the adventure of ballooning even more special. The gift box plus shipping has an extra cost of € 12.

Shuttle service to launch field

traslado-vuelo-en-globoIf you have booked a Siempe en las nubes flight in Segovia, but you can’t get to the meeting point we can arrange your transfer to our takeoff place and then get you back to Madrid. The shuttle service is charged € 40 per person and can be arranged at any time minimum 24 hours before the flight date. Information and reservations at 91 25 24 555 ó Check availability of other flight areas.

Speciales menus

menu-vegetarianoAfter each ballooning with Siempre en las nubes our passengers have a picnic at landing place. The lunch consists of a selection of cold cuts, cheese, nuts, bread and soft drinks. If for any reason you prefer a special vegetarian or gluten-free menu etc., you should inform us at the time of booking or at least 48 hours in advance to have a special menu at no cost.
We also offer other menus for groups, with or without extra cost. Do not hesitate to discuss all the possibilities and budgets.
Information and reservations 91 25 24 555 ó



Here we have some applications which can help you to enjoy your balloon flight experience even more and better.

LAYAR: Application of Augmented Reality for, among other things, learning more about the cities you visit. Point your mobile device to any monument and all the tourist and historical information will be available. Download

WEATHER UNDERGROUND: Local weather based on meteorological stations located in the zones of interest. Download

Balloon ride around the world

world-balloon-linkDo you want to enjoy the magic of ballooning out of Spain? Siempre en las nubes will recommend you the best balloon rides in other countries

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