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EIn the events with balloons can be realized free flights and captive balloons, with or without publicity, like exihibición or activity, for groups of all the sizes. A hot- air balloon inside an event will attract all eyes and will become an unforgettable memory.

A balloon is original, flashy, different, effective and unforgettable. In a balloon the emotions are in full bloom making it a unique medium for public relations. The experiences lived in a balloon allow the rapprochement and strengthen the existing bonds between the members of a group. But in addition to the passenger flights, suitable for some events, the so-called captive balloon can also be made, a very spectacular activity that is carried out with the hot air balloon anchored in the ground.

The captive balloon remains, as its name indicates, tied to the ground throughout the event, in the same place, going up and down to bring guests and / or to make even more visible the advertising that carries the globe. The captive balloon allows to raise about 80-100 people in a period of two hours, being able to chain several actions of that duration if necessary.

The balloon can be decorated with banners (on the sail or the boat) to support the activities, advertising the company responsible for the event or a sponsor thereof, thus becoming a billboard seven stories high, original, mobile, tremendously Striking and effective. In that type of actions you could also upload guests as part of the action. A captive balloon can be a way to highlight your brand or your company during a fair or presentation, a gift for wedding guests, a fun and educational school activity … There are as many possibilities as we can imagine and in all of them Impossible to forget. Find out without commitment in:

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