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Welcome aboard! A balloon ride is a safe and exciting adventure suitable for all ages. Discover our hot air balloon ride areas over World Heritage Cities. Come to travel in a balloon in SegoviaSalamancaToledoAranjuezMérida and other destinations. Also in Natural Areas, and our special flights and services to make your balloon trip unique and unforgettable. Fly your adventure!

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A Big adventure

Siempre En Las Nubes Wants To Offer The Best And Most Complete Balloon Flight Experience

Qualified Professionals And New Equipment For Maximum Excitement And Safety

Balloon ride

A big adventure

Flying in a balloon is a different activity, it is also an experience that we will remember for a lifetime. Forever in the clouds in the first place is the quality of service to its customers. We also want a balloon ride with us to become one of the best moments of the year. Therefore we do our best on each flight, we take care of the details and offer careful and personalized attention.

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Frequently asked questions, doubts, curiosities, records, security… Everything you want to know about hot air balloons on the Siempre en las nubes blog.

  • How to make knots: Clove hitch
    In this video tutorial we will learn how to do step by step the clove hitch. This knot is used in seamanship and mountaineering. It is used as a quick and secure mooring. It is also used in ballooning to anchor the balloon to several fixed stations on a tethered … Read more
  • Experiencia en globo en Segovia 8-8-18
    ¿Qué mejor experiencia que volar sobre una ciudad patrimonio de la Humanidad como Segovia, disfrutando de un viaje en globo en buena compañía? ¡Vuela tu aventura!
  • How much heat does a hot air balloon burner generate?
    Hot air balloon burner Hot air balloons fly thanks to the heat generated in the burners that is produced by the combustion of propane. And we are talking of a lot of heat, the flames reach a temperature of  1,100 c° and the burners have a power close to 3 … Read more