Heaven as Showcase


With a balloon, your mark in the highest

A publicity support that gets immediate attention, which is photographed and shared in social networks multiplying the impacts, which is associated with a positive image and that is remembered for years. An advertising balloon is a unique and full of possibilities

The attractiveness of the balloons is undeniable and, because of their size and originality, they constitute an excellent publicity support, obtaining an immediate attention of 100% of the audience. A hot- air balloon is similar in size to a 7-story building, making it a spectacular and dynamic advertisement, an attractive billboard of more than 1,000 square meters, mobile and versatile, with the sky as a showcase

The balloon is an experience that stays in the memory for years, is an event that the public shoots and comments generating viral advertising in a natural way.
A balloon, associating immediately with a positive image contributes in an original and unforgettable way to the branding of a brand.

An advertising balloon can be operative for years during its life of about 300 to 400 hours of flight, doing as many actions as they deem appropriate in a period of 4 to 6 years.

As a campaign in itself or as a complement to the advertising strategy, a hot air balloon is an always attractive and attractive alternative with a value far higher than its cost.

Within the publicity actions of a balloon can be programmed different actions like free flights or captive balloons, compatible with a work of public relations by also offering a balcony in the clouds to its clients, collaborators, etc.

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