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 Is it possible to fly during the whole year?

volar en globo en invierno

Winter balloon ride

In Spain, thanks to its mild climate, is possible to fly during the whole year, even during the coldest months of winter the temperature doesn’t affect the flights.  Of course the days chosen to fly are the quietest, where the wind speed is not higher than a determined one, always looking for the highest possible standards of safety.

Only wind, rain or fog would keep the aeronauts from riding the sky; fog naturally has an impact on the visibility making it unsafe to fly. Rain would deteriorate the fabric of the envelope and would add a lot of weight to the airship. While the wind wouldn’t affect the airship or it’s passengers during the flight, it would complicate the setting and inflation of the balloon and may represent a problem when landing because it would be at the same speed as the wind. If ballooning is such a safe activity, it is because flights are only made under the best weather conditions.


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