Can passengers help with the packing of the balloon?

Of course, although it is not a passenger´s duty, any help would be appreciated, the more passengers flying, the bigger and heavier the balloon is, therefore the deflation process might require a little more energy. The first thing to pack is the envelope, the most delicate part of the equipment, which should be protected from […]

How is the landing field selected?

After a certain time of flight, to select the landing field. The pilot must consider various factors. Except for the small flight direction changes as the balloon descend due to the different wind directions, the pilot must select the most suitable field from all the ones that fate has put in his path. The landing […]

Why does a hot air balloon fly?

When the burners are set and the pilot aims the 4 meter flames inside the balloon, the cold air  blown from high-powered fans to partially inflate the envelope, quickly rises its temperature . Suddenly the air trapped inside the envelope, that has been laid on the floor ,is heated and rises for the temperature difference. Balloons […]

About balloon launch 2

What is the ideal launch site for a hot air balloon ride? Since a hot air balloon cannot be steered, but travels in the direction of the wind, we can select a launch site that matches with the wind direction we are looking for. In addition,the balloon should be facing in a downward direction with […]