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How to make knots: Clove hitch

In this video tutorial we will learn how to do step by step the clove hitch. This knot is used in seamanship and mountaineering. It is used as a quick and secure mooring. It is also used in ballooning to anchor the balloon to several fixed stations on a tethered balloon ride. This knot is […]

 Is it possible to fly during the whole year?

In Spain, thanks to its mild climate, is possible to fly during the whole year, even during the coldest months of winter the temperature doesn’t affect the flights.  Of course the days chosen to fly are the quietest, where the wind speed is not higher than a determined one, always looking for the highest possible […]

Does the takeoff cause fear or vertigo?

The takeoff is usually very smooth and quiet. One the most impressive moments is when you see the balloon lifting from the floor, especially for people who suffer from vertigo, but the lack of movement in the basket and the fact that there is no physical link between the balloon and the ground makes the […]

Is the takeoff abrupt or dangerous?

Hot air balloon flights are only done under the best weather conditions therefore the takeoff is not dangerous. The takeoff feels incredibly soft, so soft that a lot of passengers don’t realize that the flight has already started. Sometimes the wind might blow a little harder, giving a slight sensation of movement, but it is […]

How are balloons filled with air?

When the balloon is set and ready to be inflated, a fan that blows air inside the envelope is turned on. The lower part of the envelope is called an opening, or throat, through which the balloon is inflated and the air trapped inside is heated during the flight. It is enough to open the […]

Did blimps have military use?  

  They showed great improvement during World War I and II where they were used as a mean of transport, anti-submarine surveillance system or defense against air strikes. During World War II, Americans had the biggest fleet of blimps ever built, although they were neither efficient for navigation, nor for target selection and bomb aiming; they […]

Are hot air balloon envelopes washable or ironable?

Although the envelope is made of an incredibly strong material, it is also delicate, for example it should be retrieved as soon as possible since the uv light affects the fabric and degrades it,the same happens with water, which is why hot air balloon envelopes do not need to be washed or ironed, besides considering […]

How are hot air balloons assembled?

Unlike an airplane, a balloon is an airship that needs to be assembled before every flight; first of all, the wind direction is to be determined. When the wind direction is determined, all the equipment of the balloon is unloaded. The basket and burner are assembled and then connected to the gas cylinders by special […]

How many people are necessary to set and pick up a hot air balloon?

Balloon ride in spain Balloon ride in Spain. The bigger a balloon is, the heavier its equipment is; which is why all the people on board should help to set and to pick up the balloon. It is a usual thing that passengers participate in the previous and after flight activities allowing themselves to touch […]

What does the design of a hot air balloon depend on?

As a general rule, the design of a balloon depends directly on its owner’s will (see the post: Why do racer balloons have a thinner shape than normal hot air balloons?) But sometimes balloons are used as a method of advertising; where their colors and design are made according to the customer’s need. Nowadays it is possible […]