How much heat does a hot air balloon burner generate?

Hot air balloon burner Hot air balloons fly thanks to the heat generated in the burners that is produced by the combustion of propane. And we are talking of a lot of heat, the flames reach a temperature of  1,100 c° and the burners have a power close to 3 000 000 kilocalories Ready to […]

Accessible hot air ballooning over Segovia

Since march 2017 an accessible hot air balloon offers flights over World Heritage cities like Segovia. The accessible balloon, operated by Siempre en las nubes and sponsored by Segovia’s city council and Segovia’s provincial government, allows people with physical disabilities to enjoy the experience of flying. Segovia’s hot air balloon is the first accessible balloon […]

Hot air ballooning festival: Open de Valladolid

HOT AIR BALLOONING FESTIVALS Once again september arrives with a must on the calendar: The Open de Aerostación of Valladolid. As every year, it takes place the same days as the festivities of San Lorenzo Virgin do. The city is full of activities and the sky is full of balloons. With this event comes and […]

TripAdvisor certificate of excellence

For the second consecutive year Siempre en las nubes has won the certificate of excellence from Trip advisor. This designation is given to establishments that have consistently achieved great traveler reviews on Trip advisor over the past year. Establishments earning the certificate of excellence are located all over the world and have continually delivered superior customer […]

Why does the pilot give a preflight briefing?

Although ballooning is a safe activity and passengers only need to focus on having a good time, there are some important things that they need to know, in order to completely enjoy the experience and to guarantee their own safety, especially during the landing,If the pilot considers it necessary, the briefing can be repeated before […]

How are the different parts of a hot air balloon connected?

The gondola is attached to the burner by steel cords that pass underneath the wicker basket; these cables are joined to the burner by carabiners that can hold several kilograms, fuel cylinders are firmly tied to the basket by straps that pass by a series of openings in the basket. The same carabiners that joined […]

Curiosities: the logbook

In earlier navigation, the measurement of speed and other readings were recorded on small wooden boards (logs, in English) when paper was too expensive. This record was known as a chip log. Later it inevitably took the form of a book. It eventually became to be known as what we now refer to as a […]

Why do some hot air balloons carry advertisements on their envelopes?

Many brands and /or companies decide to use hot air balloons when marketing their business, as it is an unusual method of advertising. It’s attraction is undeniable; due to their size and originality they are an excellent marketing tool that captivates and enthralls any target audience. The balloon when fully inflated is as big as […]